PPIs in Development

The following table provides information on the PPI development pipeline. Please note that the duration of the development process varies depending on the availability of source data and other factors. For that reason it is difficult to estimate release dates.


Year of National Survey that Updated PPI Will Be Based On

Criteria for PPI Development

The PPI Alliance Steering Committee guides PPI development priorities. In addition to a country being prioritized for update or new development by the Steering Committee, an adequate dataset from the country’s statistics organization is needed.

If you are interested in having a PPI updated or created for a country we don't have, please email ppi@poverty-action.org.

Unavailable PPIs

If a PPI for your country is not available, do not attempt to use another country’s PPI, even if another country has similar socioeconomic characteristics to yours. PPI scorecards cannot be shared across countries — results will not be accurate.

We recommend that you create an account on this website and opt-in to receiving email communications. We announce the release of new PPIs through our email newsletters.

Email ppi@poverty-action.org if you have questions or feedback on the PPI development agenda.