PPI Team

IPA has a team of experts that develops and manages the PPI on a daily basis.

Julie Peachey, PPI Director

Julie Peachey serves as a Director of the PPI at Innovations for Poverty Action. She has more than 20 years' private sector and non-profit experience, including more than a decade in international development with a focus on financial inclusion. 

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Varun Kshirsagar, Technical Director

Varun Kshirsagar leads IPA’s research and development on poverty and resilience measurement tools used by practitioners and policymakers. He designed, using machine learning principles, the PPI methodology used by IPA and has led its implementation since December 2016.

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Sharada Ramanathan, PPI Knowledge Manager

Sharada Ramanathan provides technical support and advice to organisations implementing the PPI and manages the development of the PPI, including stakeholder engagement, testing, and delivery. Additionally, she supports PPI communication and training initiatives.

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Hugo Salas Rodríguez, Senior Data Analyst

Hugo Salas provides technical support to develop and improve poverty measurement tools. Previously, Hugo worked with IPA in Costa Rica as a Research Associate

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Manuel Cardona, Research Analyst

Manuel Cardona provides technical assistance in a project that uses machine learning methodologies to effectively measure poverty. Previously, Manuel worked as a Research Associate at IPA Peru.

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